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Category: Film

  • Aftersun Review

    Aftersun Review

    Aftersun, and its ensuing acclaim, is, by all accounts, a miracle, but should be entirely unexpected. The deeply personal debut by director Charlotte Wells has, since premiering at Cannes in May, has become a favorite of critics and audiences alike. The film is a tight ninety minutes and isn’t really about anything in the traditional […]

  • A Totally Unscientific Response to the 2023 Oscar Nominations

    A Totally Unscientific Response to the 2023 Oscar Nominations

    It’s that time of year again, when I once again fall into the guise of pretending to be a film critic, a culture expert, and a statistician for a couple months at the beginning of the year. Though I have long since abandoned my film dreams, traded days on set for nights in research libraries, […]

  • A Manifesto for/against Hollywood: Babylon Review

    A Manifesto for/against Hollywood: Babylon Review

    They tell writers write what you know, and every few years there comes a big movie by a big director about the subject that they would seem to know the best. “A love letter to cinema,” they call it, while they simultaneously make fun of Hollywood for its self-aggrandizing nature. In Babylon, Damien Chazelle submits […]

  • She Said Review

    She Said Review

    She Said is a movie that, in all the most obvious ways, is about how crushing it is to be a woman. The film centers around the New York Times investigation into the sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein and the revelations that would lead to the #MeToo movement. It follows two journalists, played by […]

  • Glass Onion Review

    Glass Onion Review

    Glass Onion is an intricately articulated, Agatha Christie-esque satire/mystery for the modern age, formulated perfectly in the way only Rian Johnson can, with each clue and red herring coming together in a uniquely satisfying ending that, no matter how much you could’ve sworn you saw it coming, was still a twist. He did overlook one […]

  • The Menu Review

    The Menu Review

    The trope of the obsessed artist is one that has been told a thousand times over. Whether he’s a writer laboring over a typewriter, an uninspired artist hurling paint angrily at the canvas, a musician throwing his hands against a drumset until they bleed, it’s always the same story. Someone who was once passionate becomes […]

  • Don’t Worry Darling Review

    Don’t Worry Darling Review

    This past weekend, it was revealed to an apprehensive public that Don’t Worry Darling is a real movie, and not just a make believe vehicle for a social experiment in insane drama, and how long a public will latch on as it gets more and more absurd. The psychological thriller directed by Olivia Wilde has […]

  • The Art History of Titanic

    The Art History of Titanic

    In the 1997 blockbuster Titanic, the two lead characters, Jack and Rose, bond over their shared love of art. Jack is an artist, having just finished time spent sketching in Paris, and Rose collects art, unpacking masterpieces by Picasso, Monet, and Degas to decorate her stateroom. While this shared interest forms one of the bedrocks […]

  • A Foreign Film From America

    A Foreign Film From America

    The Silent Twins opens with a lively stop motion animation sequence with the two young actresses joyfully reading the actors names as they appear on screen. From this, the audience can settle in to a strange, playful film that uses childlike imagery in an uncomfortable way to tell a deeply unsettling true story. The Silent […]

  • The Don’t Worry Darling Drama is Reviving Culture

    The Don’t Worry Darling Drama is Reviving Culture

    Let me first set up our cast of characters. We have one of the most in-demand actors, fresh of an Academy Award nominee not to mention a recent entrance to the largest film franchise in the world. We have the world’s largest pop star, in the middle of a multi-year, multimillion dollar world tour that […]